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What Health & Fitness Apps Do You Use To Keep You On Track?

Posted by FitTrack Australia on

Can an app alone effect change in your order to help you help you reach health and fitness goals?  The short answer is No

Withings Health Mate app measuring Blood Pressure using Withings BPMBut combined with knowledge, motivation, determination and having firmly fixed in mind your "WHY", apps can play a powerful role in:

  • helping us to become more knowledgeable;
  • guiding us;
  • motivating us; and
  • helping us to keep track of progress on our health & fitness journey

For example, many health recordkeeping apps such as MyFitnessPal can give you deep insight into your daily calorific intake, hydration, nutrition and activity.

Apps & services like Apple Health and Google Fit aggregate important metrics and data from numerous sources such as from fitness trackers, Wireless Blood Pressure Monitors, Blood Glucose Monitors and even other apps as Withings Health Mate and MyFitnessPal to build a more detailed and insightful picture of your health and fitness than ever before.

Fitness & Health Apps Poll

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FitTrack Australia - Health & Fitness App Survey Prize - JLAB JBud Pro Signature EarbudsSo what Health & Fitness related apps do you use?  We'd like to know.  Please complete the survey to be in the running to win a pair of JLAB JBuds Pro Signature Bluetooth Earbuds headphones.

Terms & Conditions:

  • We'd like to hear what inspires you to keep fit and healthy - 50 words or less. The winner will be judged on the quality and how inspirational your comment is via an online social media poll.  The shortlisted responses will be posted anonymously on the online / social media poll.  
  • The online social media poll to select the winner will be run on 24th May 2019, and the winner will be announced on the 31st May 2019 at 12pm AEDT
  • You must be an Australian Resident 
  • You must be over 18
  • You are following us on at least one social media platform (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • You agree that your response to the question below* can be shared in the social media poll for the purpose of determining a winner
  • You agree to share your email address so we can contact you if necessary


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