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Western Australia’s COVID Cases Still Rising - Where to Buy a Pulse Oximeter in WA?

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Rising COVID-19 Cases in Western Australia

Since re-opening its borders in March 2022, Western Australia has experienced a steep upward rise in cases of COVID-19 and its variants. Like all other Australian towns and cities right now- homes, workplaces, schools and neighbourhoods in Perth, Mandurah, Broome, Bunbury, Geraldton and other areas of WA have been hit by growing COVID-19 community transmission. To add salt to the wound, Australia has now recorded multiple cases of the new hybrid variant “Deltacron,” which at this stage, seems to be acting more like Omicron in the way it spreads. Paul Griffin, Australian infectious disease expert said: “We know Delta was perhaps more severe in terms of the illness that it caused, but we know that Omicron is likely more infectious."

With more infectious mutations of COVID-19 popping up seemingly each week, many people in WA are looking for ways to monitor their health status with ease and comfort from their own home by expanding the basics of their family first aid kit. Pulse Oximeters in Western Australia are currently high on the “to get” list, and many people are wondering, “Where can I buy pulse oximeters in WA?”

A Rise in COVID-19 and a Rise in Demand For Pulse Oximeters in WA

With rising cases of COVID-19 come a higher demand for home health monitoring equipment - such as non contact smart thermometers and pulse oximeters. FitTrack Australia is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of these devices, and has seen an unprecedented demand for pulse oximeters since the pandemic began. As mentioned in an earlier FitTrack article this year, many customers who have been unwell or caring for a sick loved one were desperate to get their hands on a pulse oximeter to assist in monitoring covid-19 symptoms from home. This led to a high demand for FitTrack’s TGA approved/FDA registered pulse oximeters, and they were selling out before even reaching our warehouse in Sydney! Now, the demand has shifted to pulse oximeters in Perth and other parts of WA.

Where to Buy Pulse Oximeters in Western Australia?

At the moment, the majority of pulse oximeter sales from FitTrack have been and currently are headed towards Western Australia. We stock a range of pulse oximeters and pulse oximetry capable smartwatches, including the TGA approved iHealth AIR Wireless Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. Customers in Perth, Carnarvon, Albany and all areas of WA also have access to the iHealth AIR + iHealth Wireless Thermometer Bundle as well as other bundles, and the Withings Scanwatch range - capable of pulse oximetry.

FitTrack provides fast shipping of thermometers and pulse oximeters to WA to help each one of our customers stay on top of checking their covid-19 symptoms. From Port Hedland to Exmouth and Margaret River to Esperance, FitTrack customers in WA can have pulse oximeters and a range of other health monitoring devices delivered to their door!

How Can a Pulse Oximeter Help Detect COVID-19 at Home?

Using an oximeter is fast and non-invasive, being a great way for adults and children to keep track of their health. Pulse Oximeters are able to measure the amount of oxygen in your blood (as well as your pulse rate.) Since COVID-19 directly affects the lungs and other respiratory functions, a pulse oximeter can quickly identify if your body is struggling to distribute oxygen efficiently. If it is failing to deliver enough oxygen to the tissues, this condition is known as hypoxia.

Pulse oximeter being used to detect COVID-19 at home

What is Silent Hypoxia?

While hypoxia can sometimes produce other symptoms that alert a person that there is an issue, studies are showing that some people with covid have what is known as “silent hypoxia” - inadequate oxygen distribution with no symptoms. Pulse oximeters are being used in ever growing popularity for this exact reason - so people who are asymptomatic can accurately test from home if they might have covid. While Western Australia's covid cases are still rising, many people in WA are choosing to use an oximeter at home under the care of a doctor to keep an eye on their COVID-19 status. Of course, home pulse oximeter use does not replace professional medical consultation, diagnosis and assessment from your doctor, but is another way to be proactive with COVID-19.

What is a Good Pulse Oximeter in WA?

While there are many cheap pulse oximeters on the market, the only devices trusted by medical professionals are those that are clinically tested and TGA approved/FDA registered, such as the iHealth AIR Wireless Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. Cheaper, non clinically validated oximeters are not considered medical grade, and have proven to be inaccurate - more likely leading to undetected health conditions.


iHealth AIR Wireless Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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Always be sure to check if the pulse oximeter you choose is approved by the TGA or registered by the FDA, trusted by medical professionals and sold internationally. FitTrack Australia provides fast shipping of TGA approved pulse oximeters to all parts of WA.



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