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Pulse Oximeter Shortage: Where To Buy Pulse Oximeters In Australia?

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Pulse Oximeter Shortage?

The current Omicron strain COVID-19 surge has put significant strain on hospitals, health care providers and supply chains leading to disrupted services and a shortage of essential medical supplies such as Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT), Pulse Oximeters and Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers. As one of Australia’s premier suppliers of TGA approved / FDA registered Pulse Oximeters & Thermometers, FitTrack Australia experienced unprecedented demand for pulse oximeters (such as the clinically validated iHealth AIR PO3M Wireless Pulse Oximeter) and infrared thermometers. Pulse Oximeters were selling out before reaching our warehouse in Sydney, and we felt the desperation from many customers who were themselves unwell or caring for their immunocompromised family members.

Where To Buy Pulse Oximeters In Australia Now?

Whilst many cheap pulse oximeters flood online retailers, the accuracy and reliability of these can be called into question. To discern whether a pulse oximeter can be trusted, it is important to ascertain the following:

  • Is the pulse oximeter clinically validated?
  • Has the pulse oximeter been certified or approved by the relevant local authority - eg is it TGA Approved, ARTG Registered or FDA (USA) Registered?
  • Is it trusted by doctors, clinics, medical professionals?

FitTrack Australia is an authorised retailer of the iHealth AIR PO3M pulse oximeter, which is a clinically tested, medical grade, TGA Approved wireless pulse oximeter, and is used throughout Australia by medical professionals, doctors and hospitals. This convenient easy-to-use medical grade device is an excellent pulse oximeter for home use, and has the option for advanced remote patient monitoring, so that measurements can be synchronized and shared with your doctor.

iHealth AIR PO3M - Clinically Validated, Medical Grade, TGA Approved Wireless Pulse Oximeter Australia

The iHealth AIR Wireless Pulse Oximeter is in stock and available now at FitTrack Australia for immediate shipping.

Does FitTrack Australia Have Any Other High Quality Pulse Oximeters in Stock?

FitTrack Australia is also a supplier of Jumper Medical pulse oximeters (which are FDA registered). The models include:

We also have numerous smartwatches capable of pulse oximetry such as the Withings Scanwatch range.

We encourage you to consult your health care provider if you are unsure or require further advice on the suitability of pulse oximeter devices for your health care needs.

Can I Purchase A Pulse Oximeter in Western Australia?

As Western Australia nears the opening of its borders, many Western Australians have asked if it is possible to get an iHealth AIR PO3M wireless pulse oximeter in WA? Yes - we do ship to all areas of WA, from Perth to Esperance to Broome, and even to the outback Gibson Desert Nature Reserve.

So Can A Home Pulse Oximeter Actually Save My Life?

In some countries, those who are infected with COVID-19 but whose condition has not deteriorated have been provided with Pulse Oximeters to monitor their blood oxygen saturation levels. This enables them to quickly discern a deteriorating condition and seek urgent medical help.

Another condition of concern that has been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic is “Silent Hypoxia”. There have been numerous cases worldwide, in which people who have otherwise not exhibited symptoms such as shortness of breath or lightheadedness or other COVID symptoms, have presented themselves at the hospital only to discover dangerous low blood oxygen levels. Left undetected, Silent Hypoxia is deadly and many who have eventually ended up in emergency departments with this insidious condition have done so too late, as they weren’t aware of being unwell as they weren’t exhibiting obvious symptoms.

Having access to a pulse oximeter would enable those who are experiencing sub par blood oxygen levels to realise that their blood oxygen saturation levels are too low, even though they aren’t exhibiting any obvious symptoms.



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