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PRICE DROP - iHealth CORE HS6 Body Composition Scales

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The iHealth CORE HS6 has been FitTrack Australia's most popular scale of 2020.  It is a beautifully designed and solidly constructed Wifi Smart Scale that has outsold every other wireless smart scale so far in 2020. 

One fantastic feature of the iHealth CORE HS6 is its integration with iHealth's MyVitals app (available on iOS and Android).  The MyVitals app allows the automatic syncing, recording and tracking of measurements not just from the iHealth CORE Body Analysis scale, but also the whole ecosystem of iHealth products.

The iHealth CORE HS6 Wireless Body Analysis Scale can measure Weight, BMI, Fat, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass and more


Another very convenient feature of the iHealth CORE wireless smart scale is that it directly connects to the iHealth Cloud via wifi, removing the need of having your phone or device nearby to sync measurements.  You simply stand on the scale and your measurements are synced directly to the cloud.  You view your body analysis / body compositions measurements (such as body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, water level, etc) when you turn on the MyVitals app at your convenience.

FitTrack Australia has a very limited stock of the iHealth CORE wireless scales.  Take advantage of the PRICE DROP now!


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