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50 Workouts in 38 Days, But Didn't Win 1st Prize Withings Steel Activity Tracking Watch?

Posted by FitTrack Australia on

@mrmorphumax (aka Declan) was the first participant to hit 50 workouts in the #FitTrackAustraliaFirstToFifty2019⁣ challenge. Declan accomplished this freakish feat in 38 days, which was actually a quiet few weeks for him!

Declan (aka @mrmorphumax from @anytimefitnesslabrador) - 50 workouts in 38 days

In participating, however, he knew he would not be in the running for any of the prizes since he is a manager at Anytime Fitness Labrador and the competition was open to those who weren’t Personal Trainers or staff members of the Australian gyms. So what would possess him to work out, often more than once a day, and participate in the FitTrack Australia First To Fifty 2019⁣ competition? To lead by example.

Declan was keen to motivate members of his gym to get stuck in to the competition and improve the consistency and regularity of their workouts.

Has it worked? In fact two of the frontrunners of the competition happen to be from Anytime Fitness Labrador - so it Declan’s efforts are paying off.

A Brief Word From Declan:

“Well I've been in the fitness industry for all my adult life. After 4 years of competition track cycling, I moved to weight training and spent the next 3, focusing on gaining quality muscle and weight, going from 72kg in june 2016 to 91kg at 5.1% body fat July 2019”

Congratulations From FitTrack Australia

So, Declan, we at FitTrack Australia would like to congratulate you for being the first to hit 50 workouts and wholeheartedly getting behind the competition, and doing so with the intention of not winning the Prizes but motivating members of your gym.

So who will hit 50 workouts and win one of the fantastic prizes below?

Stay tuned to find out.

Whilst Declan can't win one the the prizes from the prize pool, do you think we should reward his freakish effort by offering something special to members of Anytime Fitness Labrador?  Comment below to let us know...


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