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Do you have what it takes? First to 50 Workouts Competition.

Posted by FitTrack Australia on

Do you have what it takes? FitTrack Australia is throwing down the gauntlet to members of gyms and fitness clubs across Australia.

Consistency and discipline are key in achieving your fitness and health goals. Aussie gyms… are your members up to the challenge? 

So what’s the challenge? It’s simple - the first to reach 50 workouts.

So let's find out which gym has the most consistent and dedicated members?


How to Participate?

  • Tag us in a photo of yourself from the gym during a workout at least once a week with the hashtags:
    • @FitTrack.com.au #FitTrackAustraliaFirstToFifty2019
  • The post should clearly show you and also something clearly identifying your gym
  • If you’re not on Instagram, then your gym or personal trainer can tag on your behalf

How We Will Determine The Winner 

  • We will keep a running tally / leaderboard of the of those posting the tag above.
  • If we have a tie, we will determine the winner by who posted and tagged us the most.
  • If we still have a tie, we determine the winner by a tie-breaker (most push-ups in a minute)


  • You live in Australia and are a member of one of the gyms listed above
  • You can’t be a Personal Trainer or an employee of the gym
  • The competition starts on Monday 13th May 2019 and will end when the first, second and third place winners hit 50 visits.
  • The specific model of the Withings / Nokia Steel will be limited to available stock at the close of the competition


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