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Silicone Apple AirPods 5-Piece Accessory Kit

FitTrack Australia

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Protect your valuable Apple AirPods now with the FitTrack Silicone AirPod 5-Piece Accessory Kit now!  The kit comprises of:

  1. An AirPods charging case silicone protective case 
  2. carabiner so you can securely hook your charging case to your bag
  3. A pair of AirPods earbud ear hooks to secure your AirPods in your ears during vigorous exercise
  4. An Apple Watch attachment to conveniently secure your AirPods if the charging case isn't accessible
  5. A silicone AirPods neck strap as further insurance to prevent losing your AirPods in case they fall out of your ears 

Never worry again about your beautiful Apple AirPods case smashing into pieces or losing your AirPods earbuds!

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Easy to use and keep track on app!

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Excellent product

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FitTrack initially sent me iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips that were past their used by date. After notifying them, to their credit, they replaced them with ones that were well within the used by date (apparently they had received an entire shipment that was past the used by date). Greatly appreciated FitTrack for the follow up.