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iHealth EGS-2003 5 x Pack Bundle

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This Bundle includes 5 x iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips 2019 Version.  Sold separately from iHealth Glucometers (iHealth Align and Smart Wireless Glucose Meters)

Test Strips designed for ACCURACY AND EASE OF USE

The iHealth EGS-2003 glucose test strips are compatible with iHealth Align (BG1) and Smart wireless glucose meter (BG5).

  • Small blood sample size – only 0.7 µL
  • No coding means one step less*
  • High stability, not affected by the oxygen partial pressure
  • Long shelf life, expires 24 months from manufacture date and 5 months after opening with proper storage.

PLEASE NOTE: You no longer need to scan the code of each vial, as with the AGS-1000I. There is no coding for EGS-2003 strips. After selecting the correct test strip type in the app and syncing with the iHealth glucose meter ( The BG1 and BG5), just insert the strip and use.


  1. In the iGluco app, go to Settings, and tap “Select Test Strip Type”
  2. Select EGS-2003 and tap Save
  3. For iHealth Smart (BG5) users, Please make sure to sync your glucose meter to your mobile device before taking blood sugar measurements.


  • EGS-2003 is a new type of test strip, please download the latest iGluco App and select the test strip type to EGS-2003.
  • EGS-2003 is using a different enzyme technology comparing with AGS-1000I, if the test strip you use does not match with the setting, the measurement results will be inaccurate and may result in wrong medication dosage decisions:
  • If AGS-1000I is selected in the app but the strip actually used is EGS-2003. The test result will be inaccurate and much higher than the actual result.
  • If EGS-2003 is selected in the app but the strip actually used is AGS-1000I. The test result will be inaccurate and lower than the actual result.
  • Please select the correct test strip type in your app and sync with glucose meter before your next test. If one type of strips being selected in the app, do not use other strip types to avoid any inaccurate results.


  • Compatible to iHealth’s two portable glucometers, the BG1 and BG5
  • Result range: 20 mg/dL ~600 mg/dL (1.1 mmol/L~33.3mmol/L)
  • Blood source: Fresh capillary whole blood
  • Blood volume: Min. 0.7 micro liter
  • Store the test strip vial between 39°F ~ 86°F (4°C to 30°C) and 10% ~ 85% relative humidity.
  • Operating conditions: 50°F – 95°F (10°C – 35°C)
  • Blood glucose test strips expire 150 days after opening. Write the expiry date on the test strip vial when first opening.
  • 2 vials of blood glucose test strips, each contains 25 test strips
  • 50 blood glucose test strips
  • If one type of strips is selected in the app, do not use other strip types to avoid any inaccurate results. If you change the type of strips you are using, remember that you have to change it accordingly in the app and sync with the glucose meter.

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Easy to use and keep track on app!

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Excellent product

Glucose Test Strips

FitTrack initially sent me iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips that were past their used by date. After notifying them, to their credit, they replaced them with ones that were well within the used by date (apparently they had received an entire shipment that was past the used by date). Greatly appreciated FitTrack for the follow up.