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Withings Acquires 8FIT

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French tech firm Withings has recently announced their acquisition of popular health and fitness app, “8FIT.” The deal is a gamechanger for Withings, who center on creating smart health devices that help consumers achieve their long-term health goals. 

CEO of Withings, Matheiu Letombe, stated that the move enters Withings into “the era of the ‘product-service-data,’ combining personal health data with personalised wellness plans,” to “further deliver on our mission to empower anyone to be healthier in the long-run.”

Withings - Advanced Smart Health Technology Accessible to Everyone

Withings is one of the world’s leading health-tech giants - responsible for bringing non invasive, easy-to-use smart health technology into the everyday home. With more than 10 years experience in the field, Withings invents, designs and manufactures a range of award winning, clinically validated smart health devices and associated apps. Since its beginning in 2008, Withings has grown its smart health scope from the world’s first connected scale, to the largest connected health ecosystem in the market today.

Withings product range now includes 8Fit

Their products range from blood pressure monitors, to sleep monitors, smart scales, thermometers and smartwatches, their latest and most advanced being the Clinically Validated ScanWatch. Withings build devices that capture a wide range of health parameters - including Blood pressure, heart rate and sleeping patterns, and claim they can help anyone master their long term health goals.

Withings Purchases 8FIT and Impeto Medical

8FIT is the second recent acquisition for Withings, who also gained Impeto Medical - a French medical device company responsible for designing a method to detect peripheral neuropathies. This technology has already been incorporated into Withings’ new BodyScan (Segmental Body Composition & ECG Scale), a scale that goes beyond weight management, promising to identify poor nerve function and give users in-app access to specialized clinical support.

Following in the steps of other leading brands, Withings have taken on the ‘device-and-recurring-revenue model,’ offering a subscription service to unlock the full abilities of their devices. It’s likely that 8FIT’s features will be integrated into Withings’ own Health Mate app over time, for a cost. Withings is planning to allocate $30 million over the next three years to continue developing its ability to offer customized, tailored support for customers wanting to get healthier and achieve their fitness goals. 

What Is The 8FIT Fitness App?

Not just “another workout app,” 8FIT is a global health and fitness application designed to simplify healthy living altogether. It fulfills the needs of users who are united by the desire to feel better inside and out. The Berlin-based app is available worldwide in six languages, with 30 million downloads and counting!

Features of 8FIT

The 8FIT health and fitness app offers:

  • fun and varied workouts
  • personalised meal plans
  • self-care guidance
  • progress tracking


8Fit Meal Planner8Fit App Workouts



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