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What is a Hybrid Smartwatch?

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Hybrid Smartwatches Australia at FitTrack - Withings / Nokia Steel HR - Rose Gold, Waterproof


Hybrid Smartwatches combine the look of a traditional analog watch, with the functionality of a smartwatch. The Withings Steel HR, Fossil Q Crewmaster, Skagen Signatur T & Misfit Command are examples of Hybrid Smartwatches.

A regular smartwatch generally have a digital screen and/or a touchscreen. The most popular example of a Smartwatch is the Apple Watch. Some others include: Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Fitbit Versa, Garmin Vívoactive 3. Smartwatches enable the user to tell the time (of course), received notifications (email, SMS), track activity (via accelerometers and multiple sensors, like a pedometer), often measure Heart Rate and also have the ability to allow apps to run.

So if smartwatches are so useful and versatile, why would a Hybrid Smartwatch appeal to some?

Why Choose A Hybrid Smartwatch?

Hybrid Smart Watches offer a fantastic combination of style and functionality, coupled with exceptional battery life.  

Withings / Nokia Steel HR at FitTrack Australia - Hybrid Smart Watches

Here are some reasons why Hybrid Smartwatches have become so popular:
  • Stylish: Hybrid Smartwatches feature stunning designs, with analog watch faces stylish bodies and bands. Many just love the classic look of a traditional analog watch. With Hybrid Smartwatches, it isn’t often possible to tell that you are wearing a smartwatch. The feedback from many is that they find the look of the popular smartwatches
  • Notifications: Hybrid Smartwatches have a variety of ways of performing notifications. The Withings / Nokia Steel HR employs haptic feedback (ie vibration) and has a discreet OLED display through which notifications are displayed
  • Activity Tracking: One of the best features of Hybrid Smartwatches the activity tracking. The Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch, for example, features comprehensive activity tracking which automatically recognizes and records your specific activity or sport (walk, run, swim, and sleep). It also features a workout mode (listing 30 sports).
  • Battery Anxiety: Despite the versatility of a standard smartwatch, many require daily charging. So for many, adding another device to charge is off-putting. Hybrid Smartwatches have a long battery life. The Withings Steel HR lasts 20-25 days per charge. This enables the watch to be used for sleep tracking (as you don’t have to charge them overnight).
  • Syncing with Apps on iOS & Android: Like standard smartwatches, Hybrid Smartwatches can sync activity and metrics (such as heart rate tracking) with the relevant apps.


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89 reviews
Love it!

So easy to use, neat and tidy. Connects to the app beautifully. Gives lots of very relevant information.

What a fantastic review of the Withings BPM Connect wireless blood pressure monitor! Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We agree - compact, easy to use. However paired with the amazing Withings Health Mate app, the power of the Withings BPM Connect is unlocked as blood pressure / heart rate logs are able to be recorded & logged for historical reference and new trends are able to be detected.

Love this watch

I haven't had my Steel HR Hybrid 36mm Rose Gold Smartwatch for very long but the short time I have I really love it.
It looks like a very stylish regular watch but tracks everything I need in a smart watch and motivates me to move more with the fitness tracker.
The watch is easy to navigate and having the incoming call and message notifications means you never miss a call or message.
I am very happy with my purchase, I love the look of the watch, the long battery life between charges, the ease of operation and that it doesn't look like a regular fitness watch.
I would definitely recommend

Thank you for this very detailed and informative review of the Withings Steel HR Rose Gold Hybrid Smartwatch. That is probably one of the best aspects of this hybrid smartwatch - that it looks just like a stylish classy high end designer watch, but is actually an advanced health monitoring smartwatch! Notifications are subtle and yet very useful eliminating many potential phone checks! Thank you for the great review!

easy to use, good price

Appears to work well so far - haven't really needed to use it properly.
Good price, good features. Arrived quickly.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review the Jumper Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer. We agree - it's so easy to use, high quality and a very reasonable price.

Watch band great, perfect for withings watch. Customer service outstanding with clear communication and excellent follow up. Thankyou

Thank you very much for taking time to review the Genuine Leather watchbands for Withings. Thank you also for the feedback on FitTrack Australia's customer service and communication.

Accurate & Reliable

Had admission to hospital with exacerbated COPD during the past week. I measured my oxygen sats on my new oximeter ( purchased one week prior to admission)and the measurements were precisely the same as the measurements taken by the nurses using the hospital oximeter every time. My phone recorded the measurements and I was able to show the doctors /nurses the trends with comments, recording details of what I was doing at the time of each reading. That is not an option while using the hospital equipment. They rely on manual entries which are sometimes overlooked, not entered or inaccurate.

Thank you so much for the time you've taken to provide a very meaningful review of the iHealth AIR Pulse Oximeter. It is great to hear how practical and useful the ability to sync readings to the iHealth MyVitals app on the phone and have a record over time as opposed to manually recorded spot readings. It is no surprise that the measurements were in line with the hospital's pulse oximeter readings, as the iHealth AIR is clinically validated (independently tested) and is deemed a medical grade pulse oximeter. We really appreciate the excellent review, and we hope that you are feeling better now!