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Is Nutrition Your Health & Fitness Achilles Heel?

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Whilst FitTrack Australia is ostensibly a Fitness & Health technology store, we recognize that buying a gadget isn’t going to help you accomplish your fitness and health goals.

Knowledge, discipline, balance and good nutrition are keys to getting fit and healthy. (And of course technology can help you get there)

Is Proper Nutrition Your Achilles Heel?

Meal Prem Ideas from @TheMealPrepManual But have you ever felt that getting the right nutrition is your Achilles Heel? You can make it to the gym, you can work out reasonably regularly, but in the rush of your busy life, taking care of yourself or taking care of your family, good nutrition is neglected? And because you’re tired and time poor, the convenience of fast food, comfort food or a quick and easy meal that isn’t nutritious is what you resort to? Regrettably your sweat and effort at the gym is undone because of poor meal choices. 

At the same time you’re left feeling inadequate because of the flood of these delicious meal prep social media posts that not only leave you drooling but make you feel inadequate because you just don’t know where to start? 

Where to Start?

If you haven’t already come across Josh Curtis’ excellent website, we urge you to have a look. There are excellent recipe ideas and meal prep cookbooks to purchase and download. The website is easy to navigate and contains excellent practical tips such as The Beginner's Guide to Meal Prep page, which covers topics such as: 

  • Why Meal Prep?
  • What kind of meal prep containers to use?
  • What kind of cookware to use?
  • How to prepare the meals?
  • How to store the meals?

Josh’s Instagram account, @themealprepmanual, also brilliantly (pictorially) depicts meal prep ideas & recipes and their basic nutritional content, calorific differences achievable through slight modifications to recipes.

The recipes are presented in a very approachable and un-intimidating manner. We hope you enjoy trying some of the excellent recipes at


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