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iHealth AIR Bluetooth Connected TGA Approved Pulse Oximeter - BACK IN STOCK

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The iHealth AIR is a TGA approved, clinically tested bluetooth connected Pulse Oximeter.  It is trusted by medical professionals, doctors clinics and hospitals throughout Australia.

We are excited to have more stock of the popular iHealth AIR Pulse Oximeter.  Many love the convenience of being able to sync, record and track their SpO2 measurements on their phone (via the iHealth MyVitals) app and also to be able to share readings with their primary care provider.

iHealth AIR TGA approved Pulse Oximeter for SpO2 and HR measurements @ FitTrack Australia


FitTrack Australia is happy to have more iHealth AIR pulse oximeters in stock now.


How is the iHealth AIR Superior to Other Pulse Oximeters?

There are a multitude of cheap fingertip pulse oximeters available online and at chemists around Australia.  There are a couple of significant differences that make the iHealth AIR Pulse Oximeter superior:

  1. The iHealth AIR is TGA Approved - so you have the confidence that it has passed the rigorous requirements of the TGA
  2. The iHealth AIR is clinically tested - so you can be confident of the accuracy
  3. The iHealth AIR is trusted by medical clinics, doctors and hospitals throughout Australia
  4. The iHealth AIR connects wirelessly (via Bluetooth) with your phone and readings can be recorded and tracked on the iHealth MyVitals app, which allows you to keep note of trends and also share SpO2 readings with your primary care provider / GP.  
iHealth AIR - Bluetooth Connected TGA Approved Pulse Oximeter @ FitTrack Australia

What is Pulse Oximetry? 

Put simply, pulse oximetry is the measurement of the oxygen level or oxygen saturation (SpO2) - the amount of oxygen-carrying haemoglobin - of the blood.  It is used to show how well oxygen is being carried throughout your body.  As we breathe, we inhale oxygen into our lungs, which then binds it to haemoglobin that then travels throughout the body carrying oxygen. 

Typically a pulse oximeter is clipped on to the finger (or other extremity such as a toe or earlobe) to measure how well oxygen is reaching parts of your body furthest from the lungs / heart.  

Why is Pulse Oximetry Done?

Pulse oximetry is a very effective non-invasive method that can quickly identify any health condition that affects blood oxygen levels, including:

  • Asthma
  • Pneumonia
  • Heart conditions such as attack
  • Heart failure
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Anemia
  • Chronic Lung Disease / Lung cancer

What are normal SpO2 Levels?

According to Mayo Clinic, normal Sp02 levels are between 95% and 100%.  Anything below 90% is considered low.

What is the difference between Hypoxemia and Hypoxia?

Hypoxemia is defined as low levels of oxygen in the blood.  Hypoxia is defined as low levels of oxygen in the tissue.  If the body isn't able to maintain normal oxygen saturation levels this leads to hypoxemia.  Prolonged hypoxemia can lead to hypoxia, however they do not always coexist.

Oxygen Levels and COVID-19

According to a BMJ article: "In most patients who die of acute covid-19, the initial illness advances insidiously, sometimes with “silent hypoxia” (hypoxia without clinically perceptible symptoms of dyspnoea)".  

Personal pulse oximeters used in the home setting can detect hypoxemia associated with acute COVID-19.  However it is very important to note that home pulse oximetry is not a replacement for professional medical care and assessment.  It is crucial to consult your primary care provider, GP or visit the local emergency department if you have any concerns or are not feeling well.   

Other Pulse Oximetry Devices at FitTrack Australia

FitTrack Australia is also thrilled to have the Withings ScanWatch - the most advanced Hybrid Smartwatch - which is capable of measuring SpO2 levels on demand:




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