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Free Pulse Oximeters Available In WA

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Are you living in Western Australia and wondering where to get pulse oximeters in WA? Earlier this year the WA government released its COVID Care at Home program to help residents be better equipped to monitor the virus from home. This is a free service provided by the state’s Department of Health to support people who have received a positive COVID-19 test result. This home care program provides FREE oximetry monitors for eligible residents in WA! In addition to this, Western Australian LGAs and Shires have also begun handing out free pulse oximeters to members of the community who are COVID-vulnerable. So, are you eligible? Where can you pick up your free pulse ox? And if you don’t fall into an eligible category but are suffering from COVID, where can you buy a pulse oximeter in WA?

Am I Eligible For A Free Pulse Oximeter in WA?

You are eligible for your free pulse oximeter if you:

  • Are non Aboriginal and over 65
  • Are Aboriginal and over 50
  • Are pregnant

If you fit into one of these categories, you are entitled to one free device per household! Have you picked up yours yet?

WA Shires That Are Offering Free Pulse Oximeters

If you’re yet to get your hands on your free oximeter or are wondering where to find one, you can find a collection point in the council areas below:

Are you an eligible resident living in one of the above areas? If so, you can pick up your free pulse ox device at any time!

What is the WA COVID Care At Home program?

This program is a health service that remotely supports and monitors people with COVID who are well enough to stay home during their recovery. Those enrolled are regularly checked in by teams of doctors, nurses and support staff, who provide assistance and arrange hospital transfer if necessary. These care teams keep in touch via telephone or video chat as frequently as needed. They may ask you to measure your pulse, oxygen levels or temperature in order to keep track of your recovery - and provide the equipment necessary - including free pulse oximeters! Help is also provided to access additional support for your mental wellbeing, and practical assistance with groceries, medication and family financial support.

If you are enrolled in the WA COVID Care At Home program, you will receive assistance from medical professionals over telehealth, and may be provided with a free pulse oximeter to report your symptoms

Am I Eligible For WA COVID Care At Home?

This service is available to eligible residents in WA who have already received a positive COVID-19 test result. Pre-registration is not available. Eligibility is assessed after completing a short registration form (available on the HealthyWA website) which determines risk factors such as age, vaccination status, medical history and COVID-19 symptoms. The program is available to anyone with access to a telephone - including metropolitan, rural and remote locations. You may still wonder though - when it comes to monitoring your symptoms, are pulse oximeters worth it? Can a pulse oximeter really detect COVID?

To be eligible for Western Australia's COVID Care At Home service, you must first have tested positive to COVID-19

What Is A Pulse Oximeter and Why Do I Need One?

A pulse oximeter is a small, clip-like device that measures how much oxygen is in your blood (SpO2,) as well as your pulse. It is fast and non invasive, therefore being the preferred way by most to test oxygen saturation levels over a blood test. You can read more about pulse oximetry and how to use them on FitTrack Australia’s blog article here.

Jumper JPD-500D Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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Since the pandemic’s beginning, demand for these devices has skyrocketed! Why? Having a low level of oxygen in the blood is an early sign of COVID-19 and can indicate if your condition is worsening. Many health professionals have also expressed concern that pulse oximeters will continue to be difficult to access as case numbers continue to accelerate! This has been true over the course of the pandemic so far, and with the change of seasons, new variants and case flare ups continuing to occur, pulse ox shortages continue to be a risk.

These factors have convinced many that a TGA approved pulse oximeter should be part of their home first aid kit. To see what is a good, medical grade device, have a look at some factors to watch out for in the article: Why you should avoid cheap pulse oximeters? But, what if you aren’t eligible? Where can you get your hands on one of these SpO2 readers?

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Not Eligible For A Free Device? Where To Buy Pulse Oximeters In Western Australia

If you didn’t fall into the above categories, it is still possible for you to acquire a pulse oximeter in WA! FitTrack Australia stock a range of oximetry capable devices and smart thermometers, including the TGA approved iHealth AIR Wireless Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. This product and others on our site produce reliable results and are clinically tested and trusted by medical professionals throughout Australia. Customers from Perth to Broome and all areas of WA have access to fast shipping of thermometers and SpO2 readers from FitTrack! So, will you be prepared this flu season?



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