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Deep Dive - iHealth Gluco+ Smart Blood Glucose Monitoring System (BG5S)

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The iHealth Gluco+ is an TGA approved, clinically tested, smart blood glucose monitor. Are you on the hunt for a good blood glucose meter in Australia? Take a deep dive with us into the Gluco+ to see its features, how to use it and what makes the iHealth Gluco+ a good blood glucose monitor to buy!

The compact and lightweight Gluco Plus Blood Glucose Monitor from iHealth Labs is small enough to fit in your pocket

iHealth Gluco+ System - A Good Blood Glucose Reader With All The Features

Portability, ease of use and app integration are some of the features offered by the iHealth Gluco+ System. This personal smart blood glucose monitor means readings for diabetes management are quick, simple and reliable. Through the iHealth Gluco-Smart app, send results to your doctor and store hundreds of readings in your digital logbook to track trends and changes.

Reliable Blood Glucose Readings, Clinically Approved Accuracy

The Gluco+ is a CE and FDA approved blood glucose meter. It meets the rigorous accuracy standards set by the governing bodies in the USA and Europe - giving users confidence and peace of mind with each reading taken.

Easy to Use, Fast Results

Take 5 easy steps to receive 5-second results! Like standard glucometers, the Gluco+ is used in conjunction with a lancet device and test trips. Obtain a blood glucose reading immediately on the device’s LED display, and detailed results on your smartphone. The smart blood glucose system comes with a travel case designed to fit all of its components - making diabetes management on the go easier than ever! TheGluco+ meter itself is small enough to fit in your pocket.

It is easy to share your BGMs with your doctor when using the Gluco-Smart app designed for the iHealth Gluco+ Smart Glucometer

Effective Data Management With App Integration

Use the iHealth Gluco+ Smart System in conjunction with the Gluco-Smart app to see your results at a glance (Available now on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store). The app helps users to better understand their diabetes with different in-app functions such as Summary, Trends and Logbook. This digital logbook contains areas that allow relevant notes to be made in relation to food and exercise. Notifications can also be set to remind you to take a reading, medication or insulin. How handy! Keep important people in the know by exporting and sharing your results as an Excel, PDF or CSV file as needed.

Offline Testing? Yes!

You can perform a blood glucose test with the Gluco+ System without the iHealth Gluco-Smart app launched. Simply insert the test strip as normal to start up a measurement. When you perform a blood glucose test without the app, your results will be saved on the meter itself. It can save up to 500 test results! To synchronise your result on your iHealth profile at a later time, launch the Gluco-Smart app and click “Upload.”

Device Memory Of The Gluco Plus - See Your Past Measurements

The Gluco+ meter can save as many as 500 of the most recent blood glucose test results. When the meter needs to save a new test result and it has already stored 500 test results, the oldest results will be overwritten by the newest test result. Simply short press the memory button to view the test results stored in the meter. The first reading you’ll see is your most recent blood glucose test result. To view earlier test results, press the memory button repeatedly. When you reach the last test result, the figure “- - -” will appear. To keep all of your results saved, use the meter in conjunction with the Gluco-Smart app.

Battery Life

Up to 200 measurements can be taken on a full battery charge of the Gluco+ meter. The device has a built-in battery conservation function and turns off automatically when it is idle for 10 seconds.

Use The iHealth Gluco Plus - How To Get A Blood Glucose Reading

Measuring your blood glucose is easier than ever with the iHealth Gluco+. To take a reading:

  1. Scan test strip bottle and take out a test strip (test strip bottle only need to be scanned once - when opening a new one)
  2. Insert test strip into the meter
  3. Prick your finger with the lancet and place the test strip into the blood
  4. See your reading on the meter’s LED display within seconds, and see detailed results on the GLuco-Smart app.
  5. Remove the test strip with the ejector switch on the meter and dispose of the used strip

For detailed blood glucose testing instructions with the iHealth Gluco+ system, see the full user manual here.

What Is A Normal Blood Glucose Reading?

According to Diabetes Australia, blood glucose levels (BGLs) for a person without diabetes will generally range between 4.0 – 7.8 millimoles of glucose per litre of blood (mmols/L) regardless of how they eat or exercise, or what stress they’re under. People who are living with diabetes usually have target blood glucose levels set by their doctor or specialist which are unique to them individually. However, the following information can be used as a general guide:

  • Type 1 diabetes target BGLs before meals - 4 to 6mmol/L
  • Type 1 diabetes target BGLs 2 hours after starting meals - 4 to 8mmol/L
  • Type 2 diabetes target BGLs before meals - 6 to 8mmol/L
  • Type 2 diabetes target BGLs 2 hours after starting meals - 6 to 10mmol/L

For information about diabetes, check out the blog by FitTrack Australia: Spot The Warning Signs Of Diabetes.

The Gluco-Smart app from iHealth Labs has many functions and display graphs to help monitor your diabetes

Glucometer Not Reading? iHealth Gluco+ Troubleshooting

The following error codes and troubleshooting information can also be found in the complete iHealth Gluco+ System User Manual.

“E1” is displayed

Strip removed during measurement. Start again using a new test strip.

“E2” or  “E4” is displayed

Problem with the meter. Retest with a new test strip. If the problem persists, call iHealth Labs Customer Service.

“E3” is displayed

Problems have occured that are related to test strip use, such as: Test strip may be wet or damaged, Test strip may have been removed too soon, You applied more blood. Retest using a new test strip.

“E5” is displayed

The environmental temperature is lower than 10 degrees C.

“E6” is displayed

The environmental temperature is higher than 40 degrees C.

“E7” is displayed

Communication error. Press and hold the MEMORY button for 7 seconds. This will restore the meter’s factory settings. Use the charging line to activate the meter.

“E8” is displayed

 Blood glucose level is lower than 20mg/dL (1.1mmol/L). Repeat the test using a new test strip. If your result still flashes Lo, seek medical advice immediately.

“E9” is displayed

Blood glucose level is higher than 600 mg/dL (33.3mmol/L). Wash and dry your hands and the test site thoroughly. Repeat the test using a new test strip. If your result still flashes HI, seek medical advice immediately.

Display remains blank after the test strip has been inserted into the meter

Possible Causes:

  1. Battery power is too low
  2. Too much time has passed between inserting the test strip and performing the test
  3. The test strip has not been fully inserted into the meter


  1. Charge the battery
  2. Reinsert the test strip into the meter
  3. Firmly reinsert the test strip into the meter.

Test results are inconsistent or Control Solution test results are not within the specified range

Possible Causes:

  1. Not enough sample in the test strip
  2. Test strip or Control Solution has expired
  3. Test strip has been damaged due to heat or humidity so that the sample cannot be applied or the speed of application is too slow
  4. System is not performing due to the environment being above or below room temperature


  1. Retest with a new test strip and make sure that enough sample has been applied
  2. Retest with a new test strip or new control solution
  3. Perform a control solution test using a new test strip. If the results are still out of range, replace with a new vial of test strips
  4. Bring the system to a room temperature environment and wait approximately 30 minutes before performing a new test

The meter countdown did not start

Possible Cause: The strip has not been inserted correctly

Solution: Use a new test strip and redo the test

The meter does not respond

Possible Cause: System suspended

Solution: Press and hold the MEMORY button for 7 seconds to restore factory settings. Use the charging line to activate the meter.

iHealth Gluco+ Blood Glucose Meters In Australia - Where To Buy BG Monitors?

FitTrack Australia are proud suppliers of the iHealth Gluco+ Smart Blood Glucose System and other medical devices by iHealth Labs. The Gluco+ is an excellent BG monitor - FDA approved and clinically tested. We are here to help with all of your diabetes management devices and supplies! FitTrack Australia provides fast shipping of glucometers and other health devices throughout Australia. See our range today!

iHealth Gluco+ Kit - updated SMART Blood Glucose Monitoring System (BG5s)

The Gluco+ is a portable, personal diabetes data management device with in app integration

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