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Australia’s Fourth Wave Of COVID-19 - Shop Our Range Of Accurate Pulse Oximeters Today!

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With the new COVID-19 Omicron sub-variants XBB and BQ.1 recently appearing offshore, it was only a matter of time before the fourth wave of COVID-19 was knocking at our doorstep. The latest variants are now driving a new series of infections at rapid pace, nearly three years since the pandemic’s outbreak.

Since the easing of all covid-19 restrictions in Australia, we are now seeing a slurry of new covid variants emerging, with transmission occurring at a more rapid rate since the earlier drop in infections

What Are The “New Variants?”

At this point in time, evidence is still emerging as to how the new XBB and BQ.1 sub-variants affect the population. However, in regards to the new cases, Professor Paul Kelly (Australian Government Chief Medical Officer) stated on November 8 2022; “The overseas experience is that these new variants have driven increases in case numbers – and hospitalisations at a rate proportionate to these increases.”

On November 12 2022, ABC News reported that health authorities had announced a 47.3 per cent increase in nationwide COVID-19 cases since the previous week. That includes major spikes in QLD and NSW, prompting a new “Amber Alert” and mask recommendations from the QLD government.

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer is again encouraging everyone to focus on the actions they can take to reduce the threat of these new variants. At the top of Professor Kelly’s recommendations is being up to date with vaccinations, having a mask handy when out and about, and isolating if you have a positive result or COVID-19 symptoms.

Where To Buy Pulse Oximeters In Australia?

Using pulse oximeters and non contact thermometers can be great ways to help identify if you have COVID-19. FitTrack Australia proudly supply a wide range of accurate, TGA approved pulse oximeters and thermometers to help people check their COVID-19 status. We also stock a selection of device packs to help you bundle and save when looking for trusted medical equipment to use at home.

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Pulse Oximeter For COVID-19?

Pulse oximeters have proved to be an effective measure in knowing if you are infected with the virus - even if you think you have no symptoms! They can also help to identify symptom escalation. How do pulse oximeters help manage COVID-19?

Since COVID-19 directly affects the lungs and other respiratory functions, a pulse oximeter can quickly identify if your body is struggling to distribute oxygen efficiently. It measures both your pulse and your blood oxygen level. Many people have chosen to use a pulse oximeter at home under their doctor’s care to keep an eye on how they are going. An SpO2 reading of 92% or lower can be one defining feature of severe COVID-19 infection - requiring urgent medical attention. Depending on your own normal range, a reading of 93-94% may indicate “moderate” infection of COVID-19.

A person easily uses a pulse oximeter to test for covid-19 by placing it on their finger and pressing the start button

What Is a Good Pulse Oximeter?

When looking for a pulse oximeter, it is essential to get one that provides accurate readings.The only devices trusted by medical professionals are those that are clinically tested and TGA/FDA approved, such as the iHealth AIR Wireless Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. These devices undergo clinical testing to confirm their accuracy. The FDA approved Jumper JPD-500H is a trusted and paediatric pulse oximeter stocked by FitTrack Australia for testing SpO2 levels on children.

For more information on how to use a pulse oximeter and some frequently asked questions, see FitTrack Australia’s blogs here!

How Do You Use a Pulse Oximeter?

Pulse oximeters are user friendly and simple to operate. To take a reading, simply:

  1. Turn on the device
  2. Place the probe on your finger, with your nail facing away from you
  3. Keep the device on until a reading appears (this usually takes a few seconds)
  4. Remove the probe and turn off the device

The pulse oximeter will give you two results - your blood oxygen level (SpO2) and your pulse rate (PR.) Consult your doctor as to what levels are normal for you, and how often to take a reading.

A person easily uses a contactless thermometer to test for covid-19 without the risk of cross contamination, by simply pointing the thermometer at their forehead and pressing the start button

What Is a Good Thermometer?

As with all medical equipment, the only devices trusted by professionals are those that are clinically tested and TGA/FDA approved. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 - even in the home - good thermometers to use are “non contact thermometers” - taking temperatures without the high risk of cross contamination that occurs with oral thermometers. These “touch-free” thermometers have multiple benefits, such as:

  • Easy to use
  • Reduced risk of spreading disease
  • Can be used on multiple people
  • Kid friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick temperature readings

When used properly, infrared forehead thermometers provide highly accurate temperature readings. In fact, the iHealth Wireless Thermometer (PT3SBT) is one device that is TGA approved and trusted by medical professionals throughout Australia. This iHealth thermometer holds additional benefits to those already mentioned, such as one second testing and an ultra-sensitive infrared sensor for higher accuracy.

Stay On Top Of COVID-19 Now

With the ever changing trends of COVID-19, its variants and sub-variants, now is the time to be ready to keep yourself and your family safe. Are you looking for pulse oximeters or thermometers in Australia? FitTrack are proud to supply the trusted devices you need.



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